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April 9, 2012

Los Angeles

The last week of March I was lucky enough to go to Los Angeles to visit some family and friends for my spring break after going home for a few days. It was my first time there and I'm happy to say I truly loved it. I tend not to like hot weather being a native Seattlite, but it was gorgeous weather the whole time. I wasn't there for very long and I hope to go back soon and see a lot more, as I only got to Santa Monica, Venice, and a little bit of Downtown LA. I loved everything I explored. LA has that relaxed, west coast style that I am used to, but is quite a bit beachier than the Pacific Northwest, and even San Francisco. I'm used to living in an area surrounded by water, but less of the surfers and more of the caffeinated, patagonia-wearing types. It was just different enough to feel like I was somewhere new, but not so different that I was disoriented and uncomfortable. LA, I will be back. In Venice, there were some of the most beautiful houses I've ever seen. I was so jealous of the lemon trees growing in everyone's yards, also. Just a couple blocks from where I was staying was a great shopping street called, Abbot Kinney. On this street there was everything from clothing, vintage, restaurants, coffee, shoes, the list goes on. Unforunately, I shot a lot of film on this trip and I'm not sure if my camera is broken or if I did something wrong, but when I developed the film the role was blank, so I don't have a lot of pictures. So, I will just have to list a lot of my favorites below.
GJELINA, take-away and coffee. the cortados/dulces.
Intelligentsia Coffee, the venice location is unique. you are served individually by one of many baristas in a large, industrial space at a circular counter.
Colcha, home store, great textiles, books, furniture pieces. Alternative Apparel, male and female clothing in solid colors and basic prints. Super soft and well-made basics. Proof Bakery, also serves great coffee, this bakery is located in Atwater which is nearby Glendale; great tarts.
The Refinery, located in Santa Monica, this place had delicious coffee in a sleek shop. Everything had been designed down to the smallest detail.
Waraku, bizarre, hilarious, but still stylish Japanese versions of American shoes that you simply cannot find here in the States, except at Waraku. A unique store.
Daikokuya Ramen, authentic Japanese ramen in Little Tokyo, the pork cutlet bowl combination with extra soft noodles is the best. Expect a wait, it's very popular.


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