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March 27, 2012

The Walrus and the Carpenter - Seattle

Spring break could not have come sooner. I was really aching to come home, and while I was only there for a second, it was much needed and I got to see some friends and eat some great food. I'm now in Los Angeles and will have some new pictures and posts coming soon. While at home, I was really hoping to get to The Walrus and the Carpenter, one of Seattle's best restaurants that I just for hadn't been to for some reason. Located in Ballard, it's off of Market, in the more industrial part of the neighborhood, getting into the marina. The restaurant is truly centered around fish, starting with its location. We entered the restaurant through a long, dark hallway like ship's passageway to be greeted by a warm, bustling restaurant that was full to the brim. There will always be a wait and they do not take reservations. But it's completely worth it, just saying. Right next door is The Dutch Bike Co., which is a local Seattle bike shop that imports European city bicycles, but is also a coffee shop. Bikes + coffee = WIN. They also rent bikes for you out-of-towners.Everything at The Walrus and the Carpenter was truly delicious. The crab bisque, fresh chevre, smoked trout with lentils were my favorite things I tried, but the oysters were raved about also. This is serisously one of the best restaurants in Seattle, and not something downtown that's going to be everyone's list. Wild Ginger is a well known one that I really think has lost it. The last few times I've been there I did not think it was good at all. Go to Walrus over Ginger, for sure.


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