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February 9, 2012

Winter Session 2012

I got back from winter break in early january, but instead of returning for my second semester I got a little break from my grueling foundation year here at RISD. Instead, I took two elective classes, one of which was an artists book class that I absolutely loved. It really inspired me and I fell in love with book arts. I highly recommend taking a class anywhere you can get a chance to in the subject. We studied different bindings, types of paper, presses, printmaking, and all other book-y things. I learned so much and had a blast. These are some of the books I made during the winter session, but my teachers are still grading my final project, so pictures of that will be up in a few weeks. I'm off to Chicago tomorrow to visit family and friends, as well as visit some fun food spots, so there will be some great photo opportunities there. Check back for those soon.

I also wanted to put up some pictures of my dorm room here at RISD. I love industrial farmhouse, so I tried to bring some of that with me from home.

Linoleum block printed moleskin journal and hotstamped moleskin planner.

Why Do We Like What We Like? Open assignment.

Every Six Weeks She Draws From Me and Asks Me More Questions Than the People Who Sleep Next to Me. I Am Reminded That I Am Human; There Is No God.

Practice tunnel book.

Shhhh, eat, stuck. Assignment: Make 3 books starting with the sentences: I am...; I fear...; I like...

cold. is it just me, or is it cold in here? just me. assignment: create an edition of 20 books. exchanged among classmates.

Hope everyone gets inspired to go make some books. Check back soon for some Chicago pictures. Enjoy your winter!


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