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January 11, 2012

Farmstead Inc.

Let the first east coast post commence! There are a few places here in Providence that I want to revisit now that I have this project in mind, but this is a place I've had on my radar to try for quite a while. Farmstead Inc. is the gourmet cheese shop and deli located in Wayland square, on the east side of Providence. Farmstead is open for lunch and the store is open into the evening. However, in the night time, its other half, La Laiterie, is open and has a full dinner menu. I have yet to try La Laiterie, but I look forward to it.

The menu is seasonal, which guarantees a fresh and unique experience. During our visit, we tried the following:

autumn salad gruyere, apples, roasted onions, candied, walnuts, cornichon, cider vinagrette, & a warm cheesemongers' croute
butternut squash soup purréd with cream and root vegetables
cheesemongers' grilled cheese with onions lots & lots of cheese, bourbon melted onions

Everything was delightful and presented beautifully and rustically-- from wood platters to paper baskets.

The rest of Farmstead is a gourmet market that stocks a wide variety of crackers, meats, cheeses, breads, among other deli items. There are a few prepared items, as well. The store is great for specialty items that can't be found at other markets in the area, but it also carries things like individual wooden cheese boards that are no bigger than 5" long for entertaining.

Farmstead also comes to the Providence Farmers' Market".

The New England architecture is so striking. It's similar to some houses back home, but the colors and patterns on these buildings are too good to just pass by.

We made a stop at a pet store carrying items designed only by RISD graduates and made two new beagle friends by the names of Pin & Stripe. We were big fans and will most likely return.


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