pâtisserie natalie

About Me

My name is Natalie, and I am currently studying at the Rhode Island School of Design. I got started baking when I was pretty young, like a lot of other people. I didn't start to show the passion that I have for baking until a few years ago. It is now an addiction. In order to be happy, I have to bake. Strangely, I don't have a big sweet tooth. I rarely eat more than a bite of anything that I've made. I enjoy the process of baking something beautiful and tasty, and sharing that with other people.

On top of being a baker and designer, I am also a bit of a web geek. I started to teach myself html when I was in 5th grade and have continued to teach myself css and javascript. I have designed websites for school projects, friends, and businesses.

Outside of Pâtisserie Natalie, I love to: draw, listen to music, go to the gym, play sports, see friends, drink coffee, plan parties, explore new places on foot. I love the color seafoam, vietnamese food, coffee, graphic novels, and Dexter.

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