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July 7, 2012

san francisco

the view from alcatraz. the morning fog that covers not only the city, but the redwood forests that continue from washington down the coast. the magazine, gift, & floral selection at birch in hayes valley. the new orleans iced coffee from blue bottle.
those hills--dang. finally getting to explore the mission-- an iced latte from four barrel coffee. a new food journal from pot + pantry. the bizarre garden and taxidermy emporium that is paxton gate. paper goodies from voyager, located next to four barrel. finally getting to my cookbook favorite, tartine, for the best pan au chocolat ever. period. anything and everything from the slanted door, but especially the imperial rolls, the papaya salad, the caramelized tiger prawns. my favorite bakery for cookies and little sweets, miette, located in the the ferry terminal building and its packed farmers' market on saturdays. the summer collection from heath ceramics--bright coral and tan.


Anonymous said...

did you visit Miette the bakery?
Was it hard to get tickets for Alcatraz?

Anonymous said...

Umm, sorry, just saw that you mentioned Miette.

Natalie said...

Ieva- i love miette. it's the cutest. i didn't personally buy the tickets for alcatraz, but i do suggest you buy them in advance. other than that, they shouldn't be hard to get.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! :) Ieva

Sonya Marie said...

I have a picture pinned of your cupcakes - the lemon berry ones on cakespy...and I went to find the link to make for my daughter's birthday and the page is no longer found :[ is there any possible way you could send me a recipe? I don't want to badger, if you can't I understand. Butttt...my email is

in case you have it on hand, thank you in advance

Natalie said...

Sorry for the super late reply, I have updated the post with the new link.

Unknown said...

gorgeous photos! I love SFO!

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