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April 19, 2009

Back, with a cake


The first thing I did when I got up after having returned from New York the previous night was to make a cake! It was a birthday cake request for a vanilla cake with chocolate frosting. I have a recipe that everyone seems to really love, so I made the same Bumblebee cake, which I have previously posted. My favorite thing about baking, especially cakes, is the amount of design and creativity that goes into the appearance. I assure you, there are a lot of sketches for this cake. I ended up going with some chocolate flowers on little buttercream "bubbles."


While we were in New York, visited a lot of bakeries. I had excellent cookies at City Bakery and little assortments from Dean & Deluca, which was fun. I wish I'd taken more photos of all the little treats we got, but for the most part, everything disappeared within seconds.

I used exactly the same recipe for this cake, as I did in my previous post, here. Also, we got flowers from a friend and I thought they were too pretty not to take a picture of:

les fleurs


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